We are a vibrant young company committed to applying a powerful new genomic technology across disciplines to improve human health and accelerate scientific discovery. Our mission is to develop and deliver the unprecedented accuracy of Duplex Sequencing™ Technology to applications in clinical medicine and life sciences where it can do the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Our approach is multifaceted and encompasses internal development projects, external  collaborations and empowering of partner organizations. Our operation is strongly rooted in academic principles of responsible citizenship within the broader scientific community, yet executed with the nimbleness of a startup, such that research can be rapidly translated into products that benefit people.

At TwinStrand we put a premium on creativity, dynamic thinking and a rigorous scientific approach. At TwinStrand you will be challenged to push boundaries of your knowledge, skills and comfort zone. We expect all team members to take on some form of leadership role over time and mentor new team members as we continue to expand. You will be expected to take ownership of your area of your specialty and model ethical and responsible behavior to others. We want every member of the TwinStrand community to come to work each day excited to perform high quality science that improves human health and fosters scientific discovery.

Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to careers@twinstrandbio.com.

Laboratory Assistant

TwinStrand Biosciences is seeking a highly-organized individual to join our team as a Laboratory Assistant, focused on supporting scientists and laboratory managers. As a Laboratory Assistant, you will work in a team environment, contributing to both internal projects and collaborative efforts with external partners. We are recruiting those who share our vision, passion and ambition to advance genomics and personalized medicine.

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